NSS Person Manufacture Farm Machinery to Help Farmers 2022

Two NSS (National Service Scheme) persons and graduates from KNUST invents farm machinery to enhance farming in the rural areas of Ghana.

Problems observed during NSS

According to the two young entrepreneurs, on series of problems they observed during their National Service, have decided to team up to rectify the situation.

The KNUST graduates have recently started a company to manufacture farm machinery that they hope will assist smallholder farmers in Ghana.

In the plight of fostering partnership among young entrepreneurs in Ghana, Jefferey, who serves as a National Service Person in the Savanah Region of Ghana, noticed the student’s truancy. That being a worry, he drew his colleague’s attention and came up with a solution to invent farm machinery to help small-scale farmers, of which most of his students fall in this category.


The Multi-crop thresher XT 6000 gen 2

Multi-crop thresher XT 6000 gen 2, the locally manufactured machine helps in thrashing grains after harvest. Farmers can use the machine on maize, soybean, rice, sorghum and millet to make their work easy after harvesting.

It’s pretty challenging starting a company in Ghana, especially in this era of economic hardship and delays in payment of National service person (NSS) allowances.

However, the two innovators are optimistic about expanding this startup despite all barriers with the hope of not joining the unemployed population of Ghana and, if possible, employing other Ghanaian youth.

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