Top 16 Organic Farming Project Ideas - May 2023

Top 16 Organic Farming Project Ideas

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Last Updated March 22, 2023

If you care so much about nature and protecting the environment, going organic must be your preference. These organic farming project ideas discussed below are very demanding and you can absolutely make some fortune out of them.

List of organic farming project ideas

These organic farming projects may not require much capital but it will definitely cost you time and more hard work. Every organic takes its time to naturally take it form in the all stages of development.

1. Organic vegetable gardening

Organic vegetable gardening involve growing veggies like cabbage, tomato, pepper, squash, cucumber, lettuce and a lot of vegetables to mention by using only natural methods and no synthetic products like agricultural chemicals.

2. Raising organic chickens for eggs

On any day everyone one will pick an organic chicken egg on the shelf but that here is the case we have less of organic chicken raises to produce more organic chicken eggs. Organic chickens produce high protein eggs because they get access to rich grass and insect feed to enhance the eggs nutritional level. Example of chickens that produce rich organic egg is the blue chicken.

3. Organic fruit tree orchard

Cherries, plums, grapes, apples, pears and many more fruit trees have so much commercial values you can make sustainable income from growing organic fruit tree orchard. All you need is to stay away from chemicals, get the organic fruit certification when fruits are ready and you will be selling big time.

red apples on tree
Apple orchard tree

4. Organic herb production for culinary and medicinal use

Growing herbs organically adds more value more than you can ever think. From cooking to medicinal purposes. Herb production can never be good unless grown organically. A typical example is the Cilantro herb which comes with a lot of medicinal and culinary values.

5. Organic grain production for livestock feed or human consumption

Both humans, livestock and poultry are great consumers of grains. Growing organic grains can be of value to organic livestock farms and poultry owners raising organic chickens for their meat and eggs.

6. Organic mushroom cultivation

Mushroom cultivation is very organic. 90% of the edible fungal crop is produced organically without inducing and artificial reagents to stimulate the growth of the mushroom.

7. Organic aquaponics system for raising fish and growing vegetables

What is gardening in aquaponics? Aquaponics is the practice of rearing fish and cultivating plants without the need of soil. The core element is that fish in water create waste with a high ammonia level. The helpful bacteria transform this ammonia into nitrates, which the plants use as nourishment.

8. Organic beekeeping for honey production

Organic beekeeping for honey production involves setting the apiaries in the midst of pollen generating plants. This is more like creating that wild environment for the bees to have enough nectar to suck to make more honey.

9. Organic cover crop management to improve soil health

By preventing soil surface erosion, increasing biomass to the soil, and providing a habitat for microorganisms like fungus that contribute to the soil biology and provide more channels for nutrient management in the soil, cover crops can enhance soil organic matter. Examples of cover crops include; brassica, legumes and broadleaf species.

10. Organic composting and vermicomposting to recycle food waste and produce fertilizer

The final result of the biodegradation of organic materials, including food waste and yard waste, is compost. Microorganisms, such as bacteria, carry out this activity. This procedure also benefits from yeast. The final result of the breakdown of organic materials is vermicompost. Garden owners may not find time to make compost, however, they would love to buy an already prepared compost.

11. Organic crop rotation and intercropping to improve soil fertility and reduce pests

Organic crop rotation and intercropping organic farming project can help you fight soil nutritional imbalances and also take care of pest control without the use of pesticides.

12. Organic no-till farming for soil conservation

In no-till farming, the farmer digs a tiny trench just wide enough to sow seeds using a no-till planter. By not being plowed or disked, cover crop waste shields the soil from crusting, erosion, extreme summer heat, and moisture loss.

13. Organic pest management using natural methods like companion planting and beneficial insects

Numerous plants may be raised to draw natural predators and parasites, which will aid in the control of pests and pathogens. Useful attractant plants include native legumes and flowers like marigolds (Tagetes), mint (Mentha), sunflowers (Helianthus annus), and sunhemp (Crotalaria juncea).

14. Organic certification and marketing for small-scale organic farmers

So, this is where creativity comes to play, you can use basic skills in extension and information technology in collecting data and helping organic food growers pass organic farming certification to scale up their marketing.

15. Organic farm-to-table initiatives to connect local consumers with organic producers

Most farmers have little or no knowledge about farm networking, however, farmers market has been the best initiative helping farmers to market their produce to consumers.

16. Research on organic farming practices and their impact on soil health, crop yields, and sustainability.

This is the last tip and definitely an organic farming project to incite you. You can become an advocate by researching and making publicity of organic farming practices within your locality and extending it to the world at large.


These are the top curated organic farming project ideas and we hope one out of the numerous topics discussed will suit your preference. Lets us know what you think in the comment section below.

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