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Pig Farming Business Plan: A Complete Guide 2022

Having a pig farming business plan is vital if you are interested in pig farming. Pig Farming is a booming area of production with much promise. The sector boasts higher and quick returns as Pig meat is widely consumed. Pig farmers are encouraged to have a pig farming business plan to guide them through their production, assist them in accessing loans, and attract potential investors. This article discusses the steps required to prepare a business plan to guide Pig Farmers.

pig farming business plan

Pig farming for beginners

The pig is one of the most important animals in modern-day farming. They are used for food, for their fat, for their skin, and organs. The amount of products made from pigs is incredible, and their use in farming is essential for keeping people fed and healthy.

Sections of The Pig Farming Business Plan

How many pigs do you need to start a pig farm?

You’ve always wanted to start a pig farm, but the costs have always been prohibitive. But after years of hard work, you’ve finally saved up enough to get started. You’re finally ready to build your first pig farm. The first thing you need to do is figure out how many pigs you’ll need to get started.


Marketing Management

Production/ Operations Management

Human Resource Management

Financial Management




This section gives a comprehensive background and overview of your piggery business. The section has several subsections that come together to give or provide a thorough overview. However, feel free to remove subsections that do not apply to the business.

How to write the introduction of a business plan

How to start a pig farming business

The pig farming business is a profitable and exciting venture to consider. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication, but the rewards are worth the effort. The first step to starting a pig farming business is to find a supplier. This can be the hardest part of operating a pig farm.

  • Title Page
    • This page provides the name of the document, the business’ name, and the names of those involved in coming up with the business plan. Please provide the date in this section to remind you when it was developed and keep it updated.
  • Executive summary
    • This section appears at the front of the business plan, but it is the last section developed; presents the most crucial information, which may include the firm’s overall goals and objectives, i.e., it should talk concisely about what the business is, what it wants to do, how it will do it and the projected rewards from it. The executive summary should give a brief overview of the business plan.
  • Table of contents
    • The table of contents should provide the titles of all the section headings in the pig farming business plan and their page numbers.
  • Vision and Mission statement
    • The Mission statement talks about the primary reason for the existence of your piggery business, its unique circumstances, the product(s) it sells, and why it is in business. You always revise and update it to reflect the changing face of the firm. The Vision statement tells the reader what particular position the firm is in or plans to enter and the most important goals of the business.
  • Business Organizations
    • Briefly describe in this section the legal organization of the pig farming business plan (for example, partnership, corporation, or proprietorship).
  • Overview of the current situation
    • This section of the pig farming business plan may be helpful when the plan is to be used for securing financial assistance. The overview helps set the context of how the business has changed over time and gotten to its current form. It should talk about how the business’ financial measures have changed over time. Then, information related to the business location (you can add pictures), current sales, inventories, assets, marketing area, number of employees, and any other helpful information. The reader should have a snapshot picture of the business’s current status.
pig farming business plan

Marketing Management of Pig farming business plan

How profitable is pig farming?

For many years, pig farming has been one of the most profitable forms of animal agriculture. But just how profitable is pig farming? The answer to that question depends on a variety of factors, including the size and scale of the operation, the market in which the pigs are being sold, and the price at which pigs are being raised and sold.

This section is more like the juice of the plan. The subsections include;

How to Strategize Marketing Management in the business plan writing 20 Best Practise

  • Marketing SWOT analysis
    • Talk about the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats surrounding your business and discuss the results.
  • Products and services produced.
    • Talk about the specific products or services you offer.
    • Your statement may be like, ‘we raise pigs for meat’.
  • Industry overview and position
    • Please talk about your industry and your business fit into it.
    • Consider including trends in industry sales, competitors, cash markets, new market opportunities, and threats surrounding your business and discuss the results.
    • Thoroughly describe the customer base to help you better define your target market.
  • Marketing strategy
    • Describe the marketing opportunities you face and how you intend to take advantage of those.
    • Talk about the advertising programs you will undertake, how you will distribute your product and how you will measure whether you’re successful with your marketing plan.
    • Also, talk about how you plan on mitigating risks and what tactics you will use. You will need to talk about how you intend to manage risks associated with input and output prices.
  • Managerial Expertise
    • Take stock of the total managerial expertise used by the firm. Talk about the marketing-related knowledge the manager possesses.

Production/ Operations Management

Assessing the operations process and making pig farming business plans for the future is essential, especially when you’re planning on expanding or change is about to happen in the business.

In your pig farming business plan operations, talk about;

  1. Production SWOT analysis
  2. Overview of production assets
  3. Managerial expertise
  4. Production performance
  5. Production strategy

Human Resource Management

The competency of your labor force may determine how successful your business will perform.

In this section of the pig farming business plan, you are required to be strict on the following;

  1. Human Resource SWOT analysis
  2. Organizational chart 
  3. Overview of current policies
  4. Managerial expertise
  5. Human Resources Strategy

Financial Management

How to start pig farming

This section of the pig farming business plan is the most crucial factor from the potential lender’s viewpoint. Financial statements are best presented in the appendix. Explain the pig farming business plan finances. We advise that you work with a business consultant, accountant, or financial advisor to develop this part, especially if you’re pursuing other funding options.

Talk about;

  1. Financial SWOT analysis
  2. Review of the current economic situation
  3. Financial strategy
  4. Managerial expertise


This part of your pig farming business plan should tell your reader the highlights of your plan. Restate your most crucial goals and mention how you plan on achieving them. Draw focus on what your plan intends to do to reach future profitability, efficiency, liquidity, and solvency.


The appendix of the pig farming business plan might contain your financial statements, both Pro-forma and actual, which point to your financial management section. Include anything that may be crucial to the body of your pig farming business plan. Give each appendix a unique name such as ‘SWOT analysis results’ or ‘Financial statements.’

pig farming business plan


Pig Farmers can follow this guide to develop a pig farming business plan successfully. A well-written business plan can give a particular pig farmer an advantage over other farmers in securing funding or investors for their business.

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