Pig farming in South Africa (Beginner Guide 2022)

Pig farming in South Africa is a popular way to make a living. Farming pigs is a cheap way to make a profit. How to start pig farming and the pig breed to use is what we will talk about in this blog post.

How can I start a pig farming business?

To start a pig farming business, you need to have a pig farming business plan. A business plan is what separates successful farmers from unsuccessful ones. You need to make projections and analyses of the business. Pig farming in South Africa is lucrative as pig farming anywhere when you have good production management, and to make that difference, learn how to write a business plan.

What is the common breed of pigs in South Africa?

The large black pig is the most common breed in South Africa. Despite the fact that pigs are not indigenous to South Africa.

Best pig breed for commercial farming in South Africa

Pig breedsPig breeds performance
Landrace PigProlific grower
High-quality carcass
High resistance to disease
Comborough PigProlific breed
High farrowing rate
High-quality carcass
HampshireLow backfat meat
Thin skin
High-quality carcass
Large White Prolific breed
High-quality carcass
YorkshireLow backfat meat
DurocLarge litter size
Fast grower
High-quality meat
Pig breeds to choose to start Pig farming in South Africa

Successful piggery farm in South Africa

On the successful pig farming in South Africa, the researchers observed that most of the pigs were kept indoors during the day, and allowed to roam outdoors at night. This practice helped to minimize contact between the pigs and swine flu, a highly contagious respiratory disease that affects pigs.

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The researchers also noticed that the indoor pigs were not confined to small areas, which maximized their space and allowed them to exercise by rooting around. This allowed the pigs to perform basic maintenance on their enclosures, such as removing debris and cleaning their sleeping areas.

Pig farming in Uganda
Pig in a pigsty

How do you control pig disease?

One possibility for reducing the cost of disease management is to build and operate a successful piggery farm. On a small scale, farmers can raise pigs in small fenced areas, and then sell the animals’ meat and manure to a nearby piggery. This arrangement increases the profitability of pig farming, while also reducing the amount of time and resources that are spent on disease prevention and treatment.

Pig manure benefits

The manure produced on the piggery farm can be used as fertilizer, creating another additional income stream. Of all the ways that the researchers have explored to improve pig health in the village, small-scale piggeries seem to be the most promising. The farmers have begun raising pigs in small fenced pastures and have begun selling pig meat and pig manure to neighboring villages.

Pig farming in South Africa has created a more diversified farm economy for the region, providing additional income for farmers, and improving the health of the neighboring communities. The researchers are excited about the potential for a more sustainable pig farming model in South Africa and are currently working with the government to formalize the small piggeries and improve their management.

How profitable is pig farming in South Africa?

Pig farming in South Africa is a major contributor to the economy, with many farmers making a decent living from it. Pig farming in South Africa is also a major driver of rural development, with many villages expanding to accommodate the farms.


Pig farming provides humans with one of the most demanded white meat with high protein, and low fat. If you want to start a pig farm, we highly recommend you read this article Pig Farming Business Plan: A Complete Guide. If you like this article, share it with others and follow us on our social media pages Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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