Top 8 Poultry Feed In South Africa - May 2023

Top 8 Poultry Feed In South Africa

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Last Updated May 5, 2023

Looking for the best poultry feed in South Africa for your poultry farm? We have you covered as we also do our background search to always bring the best places to get your poultry products to light.

Where to buy quality poultry feed in South Africa

Getting value for what you buy is what you have to prioritize, especially in buying your poultry feeds. In South Africa, these feed manufacturing companies are well known for the quality of feed products they produce for their consumers.

Poultry Feed In South Africa

List of chicken feeds suppliers in South Africa

Company NameAddressPhoneWebsite
Meadow Feeds56 Ohrtmann Rd, Willowton,
Pietermaritzburg, 3201,
South Africa
Nova FeedsN2, South Africa+27448712000Link
Epol17 Willowton Rd,
Willowton, Pietermaritzburg,
South Africa
Alzu Feeds Midrand46 Plantation Rd,
Blue Hills 397-Jr,
Midrand, 1685, South Africa
Top Tech Feeds R101, South Africa +27823004227Link
FarmserveLot 874 – Umhlali,
Old Main Rd, Umhlali,
4390, South Africa
Milmac FeedsPlot 274 Cedar Rd,
Fourways, Chartwell,
2055, South Africa
Afgri Animal FeedsGemsbok Industrial
44 store 10.
Places you can buy poultry feed in South Africa based on individual ratings and reviews

How much is a bag of broiler feed in South Africa?

A 40kg bag of broiler starter feed in South Africa costs around R280.00, a 40kg bag of broiler grower costs R246.00, and a 40kg bag of broiler finisher is around R259.00.

Chicken feeds suppliers in South Africa

Chicken feeds suppliers in South Africa include Afgri Animal Feeds, Milmac Feeds, Farmserve, Top Teach Feeds, Alzu Feeds Midrand, Epol, Nova Feeds, and Meadow Feeds based on ratings and positive reviews by individuals.

List of animal feed companies in South Africa

1) Meadow Feeds

Meadow feeds based in South Africa are well noted for specialized poultry feed supply. They also supply technical advice on feeding, animal nutrition, and production in general. This makes the company a lead supplier of poultry feed in South Africa.

2) Nova Feeds

With two factories in the Western Cape and the Southern Cape, NOVA FEEDS has a total production capacity of about 62,500 tons per month. NOVA FFEDS is also known for quality poultry feed nutrition, safe systems operations, and a consistent supply of poultry feed in South Africa.

poultry feed in south africa

3) Epol

Epol‘s Technical Advisors are certified animal nutritionists who guarantee that animals achieve their maximum production, performance, and health. On-site laboratories maintain strict controls by testing every load of entering raw material and outbound feed. Always ensuring the best for consumers.

4) Alzu Feeds Midrand

This firm manufactures high-quality poultry feed in South Africa and reasonably priced goods. Provides expert services that meet the demands of all consumers. So, if you are reading this post from a different country and are interested in their services, this company is the best for you.

5) Top Teach Feeds

Top tech feeds specialize in nutritionally balanced poultry feed supply in South Africa for chicks and layers.

6) Farmserve

Farmserve provides day-old chicks, poultry feeds, yellow maize products, equipment, immunizations, medication, and know-how to poultry farmers (including small producers), retail stores, and bigger supermarkets around the KZN coastal area and Zululand.

7) Milmac Feeds

Milmac Produce Supply was founded in 1981 in response to a demand for a transport service for animal feed and poultry feed in South Africa. The enterprise began with a modest truck and a driver delivering horse feed to horse owners in the local area. Debbie Copeman, the current owner, bought Milmac in 2000. She has greatly developed the firm over the previous 20 years by implementing a wholly customer-oriented strategy through her distinctive sales and marketing style.

8) Afgri Animal Feeds

AFGRI Animal Feeds products are carefully crafted and based on cutting-edge technology, research, and procedures. Overall, to ensure that animals reach optimum performance and health through adequate diet. They hold a reputation as one of the chicken feed suppliers in South Africa.

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