Poultry Breeder Or Poultry Farmer Job - May 2023

Poultry Breeder or Poultry Farmer Job

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By Samuel Ansah

Last Updated October 16, 2022

Who is a poultry breeder or a poultry farmer? Find out the difference between poultry breeder or poultry farmer job and their duties.

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Who is a poultry breeder?

A poultry breeder raises and crosses hens with cockerels to produce fertile eggs that can hatch into baby chicks.

Poultry farmer job

The poultry farmer job entails general management of a poultry farm (egg laying or meat production).

Poultry worker duties and responsibilities

A poultry worker’s duties include the following listed below

  • Feeding.
  • Changing water.
  • Sanitation (general cleaning).
  • Egg collection.


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