Poultry Farmers Call On Government Support

The poultry farmers in the Northern part of Ghana have called on Government support on the issue of feed crisis. Poultry farmers are on the verge of terminating their farms due to the high cost of feed purchase.

Poultry Farmers In the Northern Region Concerns On Poultry Inputs In Ghana

Reporting to the B&FT media, The Northern Regional Chairman of the Poultry Farmers Association, George Dassah urged the government to swiftly intervene in poultry farm inputs. Subsidizing poultry feed materials will go a long way to sustain poultry farms in the Northern region and Ghana at large.

This was on an account of most poultry farms collapsing due to the inability of farmers to generate income to meet the current prices of farms input. He added that not only finance being a nightmare but also the rampant outbreak of poultry disease like the Bird Flu.

Why agriculture is important in developing countries?

The poultry industry in Ghana is one of the fast-growing industries in Ghana. In most developed countries poultry inputs are subsidized by the government enabling industrial sector players to fully operate in abundance to meet the demands of their citizens.

According to MOFA, Ghana’s demand for poultry meat is approximate 400,000MT. However, poultry farms in Ghana produce about 57,871MT in addition to imported poultry products of about 180,000MT which still leaves Ghana in the shortfall of 162,129MT poultry products to supply to her country members.

Ghana Poultry Imports According To MOFA

Total Poultry Demand400,000MT
Local Poultry Production57,871MT
Imported Poultry180,000MT
Shortfall 162,129MT

How much poultry does Ghana import?

Ghana currently imports over 240,000 MT of meat. Poultry imports (broiler meat) importation constitutes over 80% of the total meat imports into the country and broiler production stands as occasional production by poultry farmers to meet seasonal festivals like Christmas, Easter. etc. With the huge imports of frozen chicken, poultry farmers pay much attention to eggs production as they find it difficult to compete with market prices of broiler meet with respect to current farm input prices in the pricing of poultry products.


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