Top 5 Poultry Farming Business Ideas

Poultry farming business ideas are generating much more revenue than you can ever think of. What are the opportunities in poultry farming business ideas? A question you may ask. Let’s take you through the opportunities available in this article.

What are the opportunities in poultry farming business ideas?

There are a lot of business ideas one can come out with, depending on your level of creativity and strategic planning. The most popular poultry farming business ideas which may pop up, will either be eggs selling or meat business. That’s true, as these are the major products available.

Small profitable poultry farming business ideas from home

Egg trading business:

Retailing or distributing eggs is one major cash flow for poultry farming business ideas you can start. In Ghana, for instance, meat production is very low as compared to the high rate of poultry egg producers. Despite the huge number of eggs supplied by farmers, poultry farming still survives due to the high demand for eggs by Ghanaians and you can put this on your list of small business profitable ideas.

You stand a chance of making some good cash should you decide to venture into the egg business but strategically. I’m emphasizing it being done strategically if you may not make earns from the egg selling business. Other poultry farming business ideas are good to also give it try.

Poultry meat business

Small profitable business ideas from home. Once I touched on the egg selling business as one outstanding poultry farming business ideas, the meat must follow as these two products; meat and eggs are the most common products you can get from poultry farming. Unlike poultry farms in Nigeria producing huge tonnes of poultry meat due to its high demand, most poultry farms in Ghana mostly target the festive session like Christmas.

It is well noted that policies differ in these two countries as the Nigerian government has banned the importation of frozen poultry meat, however, the majority of consumption of poultry meat in Ghana is sourced from imported frozen poultry meat from other countries in other continents.

Imported frozen poultry meat normally has poor taste due to the long days of shipping from one country to the final consumer overseas. This has led to the demand for live birds than the frozen and cold stored ones. So here lies your business opportunity. You can venture into poultry farming to produce live birds for your end consumer on preorders.

Organic poultry meat production

How do I market my poultry products? Sometimes, you do not have to think far in making decisions. There is awareness of excessive use of antibiotics in animal production and its possible effect on the human system. This is one of the best poultry farming ideas you can try.

Taking into consideration how mindful and responsible your customer would like to consume their final product, it is up to you to build trust and also an open poultry farming production to know what they consume if either you practice antibiotics-free poultry meat production.

Market linkage in poultry

Creating a market for poultry farming to move on smoothly is one way to take advantage of situations where there are moderate to many productions, especially in developing countries in Africa. Mobilize poultry farmers through extension activities when you have your consumers purchase their products when ready within a given time.

Feed ingredients supply

Poultry feed ingredients needed for formulating feeds comprises major nutrients like carbohydrate, protein and the minor includes vitamins, calcium among these mentions. The stated nutrients are derived from sources such as maize, soybean, wheat, rice, oyster shells, etc.,

What problem does these poultry farming business ideas solve?

What are the challenges in poultry farming?

Poultry farming business ideas may come with a lot of challenges. If we should classify these problems they can be internally generated problems or external problems.

Poultry Farming Business Ideas
Photo by Jordan Ling on Unsplash

The internal problems in poultry farming business ideas

It does not matter your skills training in poultry. Problems can emanate from everywhere.

  • Mortalities: abnormal increase in death of poultry birds can be alarming. Poor management practices such as keeping wet litter, undernourishment of birds, disregarding medication charts are some major internal problems that can infect birds, hence recording mortalities in your flocks.
  • Poor business plan: your farm business plan serves as a guide for you to succeed in your business. The business plan does not end thereafter establishing the startup. This, therefore, requires you to outline a methodology for your business to grow.
  • Financial constraints: as much as you need a good business plan, you are encouraged to also look at your financial strength. Inadequate finance to keep poultry farming in shape can easily lead to early business collapse.

The external problems in poultry farming business ideas

External problems can come from other farmers, the government and even commodity dependents of feed ingredients to compound feeds for the running of the poultry farm.

  • Feed scarcity: in the days of feed scarcity,  where feed demands go high with an increase in prices, poultry farming becomes a challenge to the extend that, farm owners are forced to release their birds to the market at a low price. Normally, they don’t make a profit in this situation but it’s best than keeping the birds and not making any profit but rather incur more cost in feeding.
  • Disease outbreaks: another nightmare in poultry farming is the outbreak of diseases like avian influenza. A farm with a poor biosecurity level is highly exposed to getting infected. Sick birds don’t make good teamwork play, hence, a great loss of income.
  • Government policies: governmental policies on taxation and import regulations play a vital role in poultry farming. Challenges of pricing of example poultry meat become an issue of local produce being expensive over the imported frozen chicken meat. What then makes local produce costly? Taxes on imported feed ingredients and feed mixing services turn to be high.

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