Canada; Top 10 Poultry Feed Companies In Canada - June 2023

Canada; Top 10 Poultry Feed Companies In Canada

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By Samuel Ansah

Last Updated December 14, 2022

If you are looking for poultry feed companies in Canada to buy nutritious and well-balanced feed for your farm animals, our top list of feed providers with consumer trust and reputation is not far away. Buy healthy feed from a trusted source is one sure way to protect your farm animals and your investment.

Farmers that meet the following agricultural criteria are included in this category of feed manufacturing companies: poultry farming (raising hens at home), pig farming, livestock production, horse management, dog breeding, and other feed-related services.

List of feed companies in Canada

Feed CompaniesFeed Companies ContactLocation
Floradale Feed Mill Limited+1 519-669-5478Ontario
Canadian Organic Feeds Ltd+1 604-794-3701British Columbia
Nadlex Canada Inc+1 780-604-7810Alberta
New Rosedale Feedmill+1 204-252-2053Portage la Prairie
Wilfrid Major Ltd+1 613-347-3211North Lancaster
Quick Feeds Copetown Feed Mill+1 905-627-7171Copetown
New Life Mills Ltd+1 613-989-2003Ontario
Masterfeeds+1 204-233-8418Manitoba
Faubert Feeds+1 450-264-5448Godmanchester
Country Junction Feeds(800) 729-9155Wetaskiwin
Poultry Feed Companies In Canada
Poultry Feed Companies In Canada
Feeding poultry birds with a high-quality balanced feed

There are around 500 feed production companies located across Canada. The most popular ones are in Ontario and Quebec, where the majority of feed consumers are located; but, at Poultry ABC, we have these top ten feed manufacturing companies listed in Canada, and it appears that everyone is talking about them. Let’s have a look at what these feed processing and feed suppliers have to offer in order for you to pick them.

About Floradale Feed Mill Limited

Floradale feed mill provides a complete line of feeds for feeding farm animals. What exactly is a complete line of feeds? This sort of feed contains all of the dietary components and supplements required for farm animal growth and development in a balanced ratio. Purchasing a complete line of farm animal feed does not necessitate the purchase of additional additives other than the addition of water to the farm animal feed.

  • List of feeds available at Floradale Feed Mill
    • Poultry feed
    • Sheep
    • Goat
    • Dairy
    • Swine feed
    • Horse
    • Rabbit
    • Ratite

Canadian Organic Feeds Limited

Canadian organic feeds just the name sounds organic is a feed processing company focused on producing feed with organic materials only. As a farmer, you may have come across consumers requesting animal products such as organic grass-fed meat( Read here: South West Livestock Alliance, grass-fed only cattle producers), Battery-cage free eggs (Read here: California animal welfare law bans battery cage eggs), organic produced dairy products, and other organic products available. The feeds are free from buffers and additives.

  • List of feed products and services available at Canadian Organic Feeds LTD?
    • Organic feed for dairy cows
    • Organic feed for broiler production
    • Organic feed for egg-laying birds
    • Organic feed for swine production
    • Organic turkey feed

Nadlex Canada Inc

Nadlex Canada feed production and feed supply not only formulate and distribute feeds but also do pathological tests on feed to detect any pathogenic infection before releasing it to the public. This makes Nadlex a safe haven for Canadian animal feed buyers.

  • List of feed products at Nadlex Canada
    • Feed supplements
    • Feed additives
    • Premixes and concentrates
    • Farm animal injections
    • Antibiotics
    • Enzymes

New Rosedale Feedmill

New Rosedale Feedmill is an accredited feed processing company with certification from HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point). The feed mill company delivers in bulk and a small quantity to feed their consumers’ farm animals. Whatever your demand level of feed, New Rosedale will supply you with the well-balanced ratio feed quantity you need.

  • List of feed products at New Rosedale Feedmill
    • Chicken feed
    • Swine feed
    • Premix
    • Minerals for feed formulation

Wilfrid Major Ltd

Wilfrid specializes in feed formulation using high-quality feed components that are free of aflatoxins and pathogens, providing you with the highest level of confidence for safe consumption. They also provide animal feed nutrition consultancy services.

Quick Feeds Copetown Feed Mill

  • List of feed products
    • Masterfeeds products
    • Purina
    • Omega Alpha
    • Herbs for horse
    • Vetoquinol

New Life Mills Ltd

New Life Mills nutrition team is an expert in livestock nutrition and poultry. The company specializes in formulating high nutrient feed in the balanced rations for farmers in Canada with a target of increasing farmers’ profit margins.

  • List of products at New Life Mills Ltd
    • Small ruminants
    • Pullets
    • Broilers
    • Layers
    • Swine


  • List of feeds at masterfeeds
    • Equine feed
    • Poultry feed
    • Pets feed
    • Swine feed

Faubert Feeds

List of feed products at Faubert feeds

FAUBERT FEEDS 13%- HIGH STARCHOrganic Dairy Rations
FAUBERT FEEDS 13%- LOW STARCHOrganic Dairy Rations
ORGANIC CORNOrganic Grains
ORGANIC PEASOrganic Grains

Country Junction Feeds

Country Junction Feeds specializes in small and bulk quantity feed for swine, poultry, equine, dairy production, horse, and general livestock feed. The company also focuses on organic feed production for organic products consumers and Non-GMO products. Find below the various types of feed available at country junction feeds.

Poultry FeedBeef FeedSwine Feed
20% Organic Chick Starter17% Right Way Calf Creep Ration OCCAdult Mini Pig Maintenance Ration
24% Organic Backyard Turkey Starter16% Right Way Beef RationMLG Hog Grower
17% Organic Layer Ration32-0 Beef Supplement
Turkey StarterShow Cattle Conditioner
20% Chick Starter CrumbleUltimate 20% Calf Starter
17% Layer Ration AV Cracked Wheat18% Accelerated Total Calf Diet
16% Poultry Grower AV Cracked WheatUltimate Dry Cow Premix
CU DCAB 14% Dry Cow Ration


We hope this list of best poultry feed companies in Canada helps you navigate to the right company to purchase your preferred feed product. Hit the subscribe button to join our cherished members to receive updates in the world of Agriculture. Thank you for reading.

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