Poultry Feed Prices In Ghana Alarming (KOUDIJS) 2022

Poultry feed prices in Ghana are alarming. With the current prices on feed now most farmers are considering laying off their flock due to the high prices at which bags of poultry feed are being sold.

Poultry Feed Prices In Ghana

Tips: Poultry Feed Prices and How To Formulate Feed

What is the price of chicken feed?

From the middle of 2021 to date, there has been an increase from GHS 140 to GHS 155 for a starter mash. Prices were not standard across the country as suppliers for commodities like maize, soybean, wheat bran, rice bran, millet, and others.

Koudijs Ghana Poultry Feed Prices In Ghana

Koudijs Ghana, a top and trusted source of animal feed is well known in Ghana and highly patronized by poultry farmers. In early 2022, Koudjis Ghana released its poultry feed prices in Ghana.

List of Koudijs Ghana Feed Products

  • Chick starter crumble
  • Grower mash
  • Developer Mash
  • Pre-layer Mash
  • Layer 1 Mash
  • Layer 2 Mash
  • Broiler Starter Crumble
  • Broiler Grower Pellet
  • Broiler Finisher Pellet
  • Presenter 2.2mm
  • Starter Crumble Concentrate 3 mm
  • Grower/Finisher Concentrate 4mm
  • Layer Concentrate 25%
  • Layer Concentrate 5%
  • All-Purpose Pig Feed
  • Piglet Prestarter Feed
  • Layer Concentrate 50%
  • Fish Powder Feed
  • Fish Crumble Feed
  • Fish Floating Pellet

Current List of Poultry Feed Prices In Ghana (koudijs feed prices)

NameProductWeight (Kg)Prices GHS
Galdus magic feedPresenter 2.2mm25155.00
KBSC35/30 CrumbleStarter Crumble Concentrate 3 mm50285.00
KBSC35/30 CrumbleGrower/Finisher Concentrate 4mm50285.00
KLC25Layer Concentrate 25%50250.00
KLC5Layer Concentrate 5%50300.00
Pig FeedAll-Purpose Pig Feed50165.00
Romelko ComfortPiglet Prestarter Feed20135.00
KLC50Layer Concentrate 50%50175.00

How many bags of feed can 100 layers consume?

You will require about 6 bags for the first month and an additional 7 to 8 bags for the second month. As it stands in the market, a bag of feed for layers costs between GHS 175.00 – GHS 300.00 in Ghana, however prices are subject to change depending on your location and feeding strategy.

Poultry feed for sale in Ghana

The poultry feed market is booming in Ghana despite all the challenges faced. An e-commerce platform in Ghana comes with a variety of poultry feed sold by individuals but the quality is what you should look out for when buying these feeds.

It’s unfortunate that prices on poultry feed are unbearable to our farmers, some are giving up already, and they are trying hard to survive the system.

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