How To Properly Calibrate And Maintain Your Soil PH Tester - May 2023

How to properly calibrate and maintain your soil pH tester

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By Samuel Ansah

Last Updated March 22, 2023

Calibrating your soil pH tester ensures accuracy and precise measurement of soil pH level. A proper calibration may also depend on how maintain your soil pH meter to keep its accuracy.

In this Article;

How to properly calibrate your soil pH tester?

Make sure to always calibrate your soil pH meter before using it.

  1. Get a solution with a known pH.
  2. Deep the probe into the solution.
  3. Check the reading if it correspond to known pH of the solution.
  4. If it does not correspond, calibrate it to match the figure.
  5. Insert it again and repeat steps until you get the right figure.

How to maintain your soil pH tester?

  1. Always remember to clean and wipe the pH tester dry before storage.
  2. Store soil pH tester in its storage kit after usage.
  3. Replace old batteries with new batteries.
  4. Re-calibrate often to main accuracy.
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