Top 9 Rice Farms In US With Best Varieties - June 2023

Top 9 Rice Farms in US With Best Varieties

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Last Updated December 31, 2022

Rice Farms in USA

Rice farms in USA contributes largely to the economy. The total rice production has increased by about 80% in the last decade. Here in this article are the best rice farms with best rice varieties in the USA.

The consumption of rice has increased by more than 50% in the last decade from the base of rice consumption in 1975 when it was about 25 kg per person per day.

Rice Farms in America is a major grain-producing rice farming corporation. Its main focus is to produce rice for the world with the use of rice farming technology.

What is a rice plant?

A rice plant is a plant that produces a certain amount of grain (rice) every day. This is the main product of the plant. The growth of the plant is regulated by a number of factors. These factors include rainfall, soil nutrients, and shading. Rice is an important part of the human diet. It is also a staple for many cultures. The rice plant is an annual plant that produces seeds. The seeds are planted in the soil and germinate to form a seedling.

Top rice producing farms in U.S. states

Rice Farms in U.S. statesRice Farms in U.S Websites
Lundberg Family Farmslink
Koda farmslink
Farm Boylink
Archer Farmslink
Montana Farmslink
Boundbrook Farmlink
Massa Organicslink
Carolina Plantation Ricelink
Two Brooks Farmlink

Lundberg Family Farms

Lundberg Family Farms produces the best organic rice which is wholesome and non-GMO products in the United States.

List of Lundberg rice products

  1. Wild blend rice
  2. Organic coconut rice
  3. Organic white jasmine rice
  4. Organic brown rice
  5. Creamy permesan risotto

List of Koda farms rice products

  1. Mochiko Sweet Rice Flour
  2. Japanese style white rice
  3. Kosher & Non-GMO
  4.  Kokuho Rose
  5. Japanese style brown rice

What American state produces the most rice?

United StatesRice Production (Tons)
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