Top Secrets of 10 Richest Farmers in the world

Farmers make a lot of billions of dollars but you will never know. How much money do farmers earn? All over the globe, farmers from developed countries make huge sums of money annually, and here is a full list of the richest farmers in the world and what they do.

Richest Farmers in the world
Farmers who have made it to the Forbes list as billionaires

Stewart Resnick and Lynda

Almonds, oranges, and grapefruits were the first fruits Lynda Stewart and her husband Stewart Resnick started growing. They manufacture well-known goods such as Halos mandarin oranges, POM Wonderful, and Fiji Water. Their net worth estimated value is around $5 Billion.

Qin Yinglin

Qin Yinglin is the largest pig breeder in China and owns the multi-billion Muyuan Foodstuff business. His average pig stock is estimated at over 10 million swine and tops the chart of pork suppliers in China and globally. Qin’s net worth is estimated at 22.9 billion USD.

Colin and Dale Armer

Colin and Dale Armer are the richest farmers in New Zealand. The couple’s major occupation in Agriculture is focused on dairy farming. Their company is the largest dairy farm in New Zealand. The net worth of New Zealand’s richest farmers (Colin and Dale Armer) is $535 million.

Liu Yongxing

Liu Yongxing started the Hope Group business by breeding chicken and quails with support from his siblings and not long after that, he won the world’s richest farmers’ honor. Liu’s net worth is estimated at 12 billion USD as of now.

Harry Stine

Harry Stine is noted for licensing breeds of corn seeds and soybeans to companies in plant breeding and genetics. He intervened in the challenges of difficulties in soybeans producing germinable seeds for planting. His net worth is 7.8 billion USD.

Bao Hongxing

Bao Hongxing deals in pig farming, storage services, and the purchase of grains in addition to producing, researching, and selling pig feed. His net worth is $1.3 Billion.

Fu Guangming

Fu Guangming tops the largest suppliers of chicken meat to the popular Kentucky fried chicken in China. Fujian Sunner specializes in raising and processing chicken meat for China. His net worth is estimated at 1.9 billion USD.

Vadim Moshkovich

Vadim Moshkovich is a Russian-based farmer who specializes in pork and sugar production. Vadim is the CEO of RUSAGROGROUP located in Russia. His net worth is 1.5 billion USD.

Prince Sultan bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Kabeer

One of the biggest dairy producers in the Middle East, Almarai ships milk from its Holstein cows to all of the Gulf states. Prince Sultan Al Kabeer also has a stud farm south of Riyadh where he raises about 100 horses in addition to the dairy farms. His net worth stands at $8 Billion.

Andrej Babis

Andrej Babis started his farming journey in the trading of fertilizer. He is the founder of Agrofert. The Agrofert group has expanded into a number of other business sectors, but it continues to dominate the Czech and Slovak agricultural and food processing sectors. His net worth is 3.9 billion USD.


Qin Yinglin is the richest listed farmer in the world, with a net worth of $22.9 billion. The list of the world’s top farmers can be seen below.

List of richest farmers in the world (Summary)

FarmersNet worth
Stewart Resnick and Lynda$5 Billion
Qin Yinglin$22.9 Billion
Colin and Dale Armer$535 million
Liu Yongxing$12 Billion
Harry Stine$7.8 Billion
Bao Hongxing$1.3 Billion
Fu Guangming$1.9 Billion
Vadim Moshkovich$1.5 Billion
Prince Sultan bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Kabeer$8 Billion
Andrej Babis$3.9 Billion


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