Richest Poultry Farmer In The World - May 2023

Richest poultry farmer in the world

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By Samuel Ansah

Last Updated April 21, 2023

Do you know any richest farmers in the world? Farmers make a lot of billions of dollars, but you will never know. How much money do farmers earn? All over the globe, farmers from developed countries make huge sums of money annually, and here is a full list of the richest farmers in the world and what they do.

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Who is the richest poultry farmer in the world?

Forbes announced Joseph Grendys as the new chicken billionaire in the world on April 7, 2031. He rules the chicken world under the following branded names Koch Foods, Antioch Farms, Preferred Foods, or Rogers Royal.

Who is Joseph Grendys?

richest poultry farmer in the world

As of June 2022, Joseph C. Grendys, the chairman, CEO, and president of Koch Foods, a chicken processing company, had an estimated net worth of US$3.1 billion, making him a prominent American billionaire.

Upon graduating from Loyola University in Chicago, Joseph C. Grendys joined Koch Foods, a small chicken de-boning and cutting operation, in 1984. The company, founded by Fred Koch, had less than 15 employees at the time. Grendys was enticed to join with an offer of 50% equity in the company. After eight years, Grendys took full ownership of the company by buying out Koch and then proceeded to spearhead its rapid expansion.

Joseph C. Grendys has observed that the average American consumption of chicken has increased from 51.6 pounds per year to 81.4 pounds per year, indicating significant growth. This trend has been accompanied by a decline in the consumption of pork and beef.

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