Roses Gardening – (Easy Step & Complete Guide) - May 2023

Roses Gardening – (Easy Step & Complete Guide)

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By Samuel Ansah

Last Updated December 31, 2022

Rose is a flower or a woody perennial flowering plant of the genus Rosa, family Rosaceae, both referred to as roses. There are more than 300 species and tens of thousands of cultivars.

The flowers of roses are the major reason they are grown. However, several species are also grown for their high-quality wood, which is frequently utilized in the manufacture of firearms and even car interiors. The plant’s petals are used as ornaments but also for other purposes.

A high-quality essential oil found in the flower’s petals is mostly used in the cosmetics industry. Additionally, some cultivars’ petals are used to make confections and marmalades. Growing roses from seed are not recommended. It fails most of the time. Below is a step-by-step procedure to grow roses.

Roses Gardening

How to grow roses at home

  1. Buy a young rose plant from a good nursery.
  2. Soak it overnight (when you buy a bare-root seedling).
  3. Plow soil to get rid of weeds before planting.
  4. Dig a hole big enough to fit the soil ball of the seedling.
  5. In the case of pots, use cement and clay pots only.

Cautions: Growing roses

  • Provide a pergola for climbing or trellis roses.
  • It is best to plant in the late autumn to early spring.
  • Avoid plastic posts.
  • Remember to transfer the rose flower into a new pot every two years.
  • Apply organic manure twice a year.
  • For synthetic fertilizer, use N-P-K 10-10-10.

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