Russia Invasion 2022: Ukraine Poultry Collapsing

Ukraine Poultry Collapsing: Russia Invasion 2022

Russia invasion and occupation of eastern Ukraine have caused incalculable damage to the country’s economy. one of the hardest-hit industries has been poultry, which has had to shut down in the face of a Russian blockade.

Before the conflict began, Ukraine was a major exporter of poultry to Russia; now, Russia has destroyed Ukraine’s poultry industry by imposing a blockade on Ukrainian exports. This has caused the price of poultry to skyrocket, harming consumers and making the country’s agriculture industry less competitive.

Ukraine’s poultry industry has reported significant losses as a result of the Russian invasion and direct attacks on poultry production equipment and storage.

Avangard, Ukraine’s largest egg producer, stated that Russian action resulted in severe losses in production capacity, with some major egg farms being shut down and destroyed, while birds at some functioning farms were left without sustenance and “condemned to death.” Too far, the company’s total financial losses have reached 1.5 billion hryvnias (US$51 million).

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