Saanich Canada: Plans Instigated to Increase egg and poultry prices 2022

The Saanich Canada district’s call to reduce growing costs for Greater Victoria farms is on the menu for those in the poultry and egg business.

In late March, the Peninsula and Area Agricultural Commission received help from Central Saanich, and Saanich is now following suit to assist local poultry growers. At its March 28 meeting, the council agreed to submit a letter to the Farm Industry Review Board requesting that chicken producers be permitted to boost their poultry and egg prices.

Local chicken producers have been bearing rising feeding and other costs in recent times and, as a result, are seeking assistance in the light of mounting prices.

Saanich Canada

Poultry and egg product prices in Saanich Canada

Poultry and Egg in SaanichQuantityPrices C$
Chicken fillets0.15 Kg2.60
Chicken fillets0.20 Kg3.46
Eggs (regular) 2.400.80
Eggs (regular) 123.99
Chicken Fillets 1 lb7.86
Saanich Canada

Saanich is located in northern Canada. This region is famous for its agriculture. It is a region where a lot of resources can be found. It has a lot of fertile soil, which is why farming is a lot more important here.

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