Top Reasons Why Scratch And Peck Feeds Are Recommended

A good chicken feed must contain vital nutrients your chickens will need to grow healthy and perform efficiently. Here in this article, you will learn some great features of scratch and peck feeds and why it is highly ranked by a lot of chicken keepers.

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Feeding chickens can be daunting sometimes but guess what? your chickens will eat whatever you provide them in their confinement. So, the question is do your feed manufacturer consider the well-being of your chicken and your investment? Know what nutrients are required in chickens.

List of nutrients required in chicken feed

  • Carbohydrate
  • Protein
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Fat
  • Water

The list above is a common ingredient found in most chicken feeds. These ingredients are responsible for providing energy, depositing heat in the body, repairing worn-out tissues, and boosting the immune system of the chicken.

Chickens should be fed well just as you will consider selecting and eating from the best restaurants that are when you buy factory feed for your chickens. Also, in the case where you make your own feed from scratch, you as well consider adding all the vital nutrients to the feed. Let’s move on to the benefits of scratch and peck feeds.

Cheap organic chicken feed

Organic chicken feed can be described as a feed that is void of additives, anti-biotics, and any form of chemically induced ingredients. Organic chicken feed is making the waves as more and more consumers what to stay away from meat and egg products full of anti-biotics.

Chickens are great insect lovers. They love to pick insects while they feed in the outside fields. Insects are known to boost the protein levels in chickens hence a more innovative way to bring insects to the table of confined chickens is to mix them with their feed.

Scratch and peck grub pellet is formulated with black soldier fly larvae. Black soldier flies (BSF) have high nutritious levels to enhance the performance of your poultry birds. Producing black soldier flies for feed formulation is cheaper and that makes it the best alternative for soybean and fish meals.

Pre-consumer food waste

Landfills get occupied with food waste. This pre-consumer food waste in question is not that much waste to cause harm. However, a little treatment by application of heat and other processes can render this waste safe for consumption by chickens.

Scratch and peck feed states that “each bag of our Organic Layer Pellet and GRUB Protein saves up to 16.4 lb of pre-consumer food waste from entering a landfill” and I strongly love the idea of saving the environment by reducing excess emission of gas impacting on climate change.

List of scratch and peck feed for poultry

Scratch and peck feeds

Best for laying egg chicken (Commercial and backyard chicken)

Scratch and peck feeds

Best for day-old chicks

Scratch and peck feeds

Best for chickens after 4 weeks of brooding

Where to buy scratch and peck feeds

Scratch and peck feed use the best raw ingredients from reputable farms for making their feed products. You can visit their website here to buy chicken feed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chicken Feed

Are you still in doubt about what and how to feed your chicken? We have simplified frequently asked questions about chicken feeds and hope it answers the questions you have in mind.

How much do you feed a chicken per day?

Feed egg-laying birds at least 113 grams of feed per day and meat chicken 1500 grams of feed per day. For the first 14 days of brooding each bird can consume 28 grams of feed per day.

What whole grains are good for chickens?

Chickens can eat whole oats, whole barley, whole wheat, and whole millet. But it is best to dehusk the grains before feeding them to chickens.

What are the types of chicken feeds?

Starter feed is best for day-old chicks, grower mash, chickens at grower stages (4-6 weeks old), and finisher feeds and feeds for egg-laying chickens.

What kind of chicken feed is best?

Scratch and peck feed rank one of the tops most purchased chicken feed in the United States.

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