Selling At Farmers Markets - Tips & Tricks - May 2023

Selling At Farmers Markets – Tips & Tricks

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By Samuel Ansah

Last Updated March 5, 2023

Selling at farmers markets is one of the best avenues you can sell your farm produce quickly but it can get frustrating and very competitive if you do not have the right things in place. I know you wondering how much you can sell at the farmers market and attract buyers quickly.

In this article, I’ll explain the best tips and tricks you can follow to help you make a good setup at the farmers market which will one hundred percent attract more buyers to your stall when selling at a farmers market.

What is a farmers market?

The farmers market is a community where food growers are given the opportunity to market their farm products to new consumers. Take it like you are new in the food-growing business, the best way to find consumers for what you grow is to use farmers’ market avenues to promote your products.

Selling at farmers markets

Most farmers markets will require you to register by purchasing a license before you can sell. Every farmer’s market has its own policies, what to sell and what not to sell. For example, Genetically Modified Organism Foods (GMOs) are not allowed in some farmers markets.

How to sell at farmers markets

Selling at the farmers market is one best way to make extra money from the things you produce, however, you need to understand some basic concepts before getting a booth or stall at any farmers market.

1. Farmers markets proximity.

Find the closest farmers market in your locality. Selling at the nearest farmers market near you makes it easy in transporting your farm products to the stall and also reduces the cost of transportation. Also, another advantage of selling at the nearest farmers market is that you can easily restock with new products when you run out of socks.

2. Understand the farmers markets policies.

Every farmers markets has its own policies to protect sellers and buyers. To successfully get your farm products on sale, you need to assess and understand every stated policy governing the farmers’ markets to see if you meet all their requirements.

3. Register with a farmers market.

After finding the nearest farmers market and assessing if you meet all their requirements, the next thing to do is to obtain a membership identity which is more like purchasing a license to sell with a particular farmers market. Licenses provided by most farmers markets sometimes come with an insurance package to cover damages or any unforeseen actions in the events of selling.

4. Setting up a booth or stall for farmers market.

A booth or stall set up at a farmers market gives you an identity or uniqueness. Canopies or overhead shade provider stands are the most common to find at most farmers markets. Increasing visibility for your farm products from all angles makes it easy for people to see what you have on sale.

5. Producer availability

How often are you going to be available? To be successful selling at farmers markets you need to make sure to show up on every market day. In situations where you find yourself busy you can hire an assistant to take charge of your stall this is because you may have returning customers you don’t want to disappoint.

6. Research on product prices

Selling low prices can attract more customers but it won’t be worth it since you may not be able to cover all expenses so the best thing to do is ask around how much your products cost in stores so you don’t sell below the standard or sell at a high price.

The price you put on your product must cover the production costs and any other expenses accumulated from growing to selling in order to make a decent profit at the end of the day.

7. Customer service

The best customer service can keep your consumers visiting again and again. Putting up the best attitude, and talking politely when someone walks into your stall makes them feel welcomed and would want to visit more often.

Customers are very sensitive to how they get treated when they visit any shop to buy something. You can exercise a little patience by taking them around and also make the effort to convince them in buying from you.

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