Smallholder Farmers To Benefit From Online Trade Network (FAO Research)

Creating a unified online trading platform for small-scale agricultural producers in the Republic of Moldova might improve sales and market access, boosting development and economic competitiveness. According to FAO research, smallholder farmers might gain from an online trade network.

Aside from boosting agriculture trade online, returning migrants may also profit and become change agents as a result of their digital abilities, as well as motivate other farmers who are still hesitant to accept and use online solutions.

FAO’s study aims to remove market obstacles while also making it quick and easy to gather crops from farms in the Republic of Moldova. The research also tries to reduce economic weak spots at the price of technical knowledge dissemination in Moldova. Find the detailed information in the press release on the development of an e-commerce platform (D2C) for small and medium-sized farmers and returned migrant agri-entrepreneurs.

“The country has the technical knowledge, capabilities, and full potential to create or develop online trading platforms, in line with producers’ needs and market demand,” said Victor Guzun, FAO expert on digital business and author of the study. “

As a consequence of their digital talents, returning migrants may profit and become change agents, as well as inspire other farmers who are still resistant to embrace and apply online solutions.

According to research, many smallholder farmers lack the necessary abilities to undertake online commerce, implying that “greater attention must be dedicated to digital education – a key aspect in the success of online sales,” stated project coordinator Jana Midoni. “To encourage skill development, we want to produce a series of instructional podcasts for returning migrants involved in agribusiness, as well as providing digital media training.”

Smallholder Farmers To Benefit From Online Trade Network (FAO Research)

How will the Republic of Moldova benefit from this FAO research?

Following harvest, the research will bridge the gap between producers and purchasers. The Republic of Moldova lacks the logistical infrastructure needed to properly move food from farms to various markets.

“Farmers interviewed for the study support the idea of creating a single trading platform, and there is agreement on the prospects for increasing online sales, though the quantities of agrifood products traded digitally remain insignificant,” said Adrian Cojocaru, FAO agricultural markets expert, and study co-author.

Reference: FAO


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