Snake Farming: Profitable Business in 2022

What is snake farming

Snake farming is not new to the world and has been very profitable, but it’s known to be ventured by those with brave hearts.

In Indonesia, for instance, snake farms are made on a large scale, and they have the highest snake reservoirs to the extent that they export snakes to other countries of the world.

There are few snake farms in Nigeria currently, and noticeable is the Tukur and Tukur Snake Farm located in Nasarawa State.

We have about 3,000 species of snakes in the world at large including the;

  • List of Snake species
    • copperhead
    • black mamba
    • cobra 
    • anaconda
    • rattlesnake
    • boa
    • bull snake
    • garter
    • python among others.

Snakes are generally harmful, but many harmless species, like the boa, bull snake, garter, a hognose, king snake, python, and rat snake.

The increasing demand for the supply of anti-venom medications for the treatment of snake bites in most parts of the world has motivated agribusiness enthusiasts to look toward the direction of rearing snakes, the only source of venom used in the production of anti-venom drugs, which is often in short supply, according to pharmaceutical companies.

The increasing need for snake venom and other benefits has put it in the line of one of the profitable businesses in the world.

The snake farming business can also boost an individual investor’s economy and the nation’s economy.

Benefits of snake farming

The Fashion industry:

The industry has seen heavy demand for wear like original belts, shoes, jackets, and even bags.
This has increased the profitability of the snake business in the world.

The Pharmaceutical industry:

The price for snake venom is high due to the heavy demand by pharmaceutical companies. The current snake venom suppliers can meet the demand, so there is a hungry market. An ounce of snake venom can be sold for as high as $500 depending on where in the world the venom is sourced.

The Restaurants:

Snake meats are delicacies among some tribes around the world. Restaurants that serve snake meat delicacies are getting very popular. People who enjoy the snake meat say it tastes like fish and is excellent for pepper soups.

In Nigeria, one can sell for as high as N50,000, depending on the actual size of the snake.


Species of snakes like bull snakes, pythons, rat snakes, hognose, corn snakes, king snakes, boas, and garters are kept purposely as pets.

Patronage for snakes may be less common in Africa, but exporting these harmless breeds can yield good foreign earnings.


Some zoos pay much for snake breeds which attract many visitors.

Health benefits of snake meat

Like any other type of meat, Snake meat contains protein required for many-body systems, including the development of muscles.

Protein gives amino acids the body cannot get any other way, which does everything from building cell walls to regulating hormones.

Red Flag!

Snakes, like other animals, may also contain parasites and other infections that can be passed onto humans, but proper handling and thorough cooking can neutralize them.


The shooting demand is imperative to agree that snake farming is profitable and makes those who go into it wealthy.

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