Review: Southwest Grass Fed Livestock Alliance - June 2023

Review: Southwest Grass fed Livestock Alliance

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Last Updated August 8, 2022

Southwest Grass fed Livestock Alliance

Southwest grass fed livestock alliance abbreviated SWGLA is a non-profit entity that works in hand with livestock producers and other related bodies responsible for grass fed livestock production.

According to extensions, grass-fed beef accounts for around 4% of beef sales in the U.S. food retail and service sectors, with a market value of about $4 billion.

If you are in doubt about Southwest Grass fed Livestock Alliance, we have below stars ratings for resources, training, and information about SWGLA.

Southwest Grassfed Livestock AllianceStars ratings
Producer training for members★★★★★
Consumer resources★★★★
Grassfed meat★★★★★
Grassfed producers★★★★★
Grassfed market★★★
Southwest Grass fed Livestock Alliance

Southwest grass fed livestock alliance aims to promote healthy animal production for consumption by involving researchers, ranch owners, farmers, and land conservation managers across all the states.

For ruminants, grazed grass is the most affordable source of energy and can support high levels of animal performance. A reduction in carbon impact is created per kg of beef produced in cattle systems that use intensive grassland management to support better animal performance and efficiency.

Cows, for instance, have a completely distinct digestive system, which enables them to survive primarily on a diet of grass. Grass feed is highly nutritious and with a high-level digestibility. Vital nutrients that can be found in grass feed include Vitamin B class. Research has shown that grass-fed beef has greater levels of antioxidants such as vitamins A and E than grain-fed cattle. In comparison to grain-fed cattle, grass-fed beef contains much less saturated fat.

What are the benefits of joining the Southwest Grass Fed Livestock Alliance (SWGLA)

Here are the benefits you may enjoy from being part of the southwest grass fed livestock alliance fighting for food security in the beef production industry.

Through outreach initiatives and planned education, SWGLA members get training on research advancements connected to grass-fed livestock production. The organization also assists producers in marketing their products. Digital resources are made available to SWGLA members in order to advance their products and encourage the consumption of grass-fed beef.

Why must you consider grass fed cattle products?

Feeding cattle with grass is the best alternative, not because of the economic crisis, but rather because of the increase in grains, particularly maize, health concerns, environment, and climate preservation.

Livestock that is fed grass can move around freely. As lately animal welfare advocates have expressed concerns and gained official backing in prohibiting farm goods on the market produced from caged, confined, and cruelly treated farm animals, this allows the animals to exercise and prevents any type of confinement in poor conditions.

The taste of meat, which has long been a favorite of Americans, is improved when farm animals are free to wander freely in a secure, open environment while grazing on pasture. A customer will rely on the appearance and taste of the meat to determine how healthy it is to eat.

Southwest Grass fed Livestock Alliance

The Southwest Grass Fed Animals Alliance’s (SWGLA) primary objective is to provide the consumers with nutritious meat, hence no antibiotics are ever used in the feed for livestock. Cattle that are fed on grass are more fit than livestock that is fed formulated feed. The unanticipated event of feed contamination by mycotoxins present in formulated feeds is a significant problem with regard to formulated feed. SWGLA does not only train its members but also has an online marketing platform to sell grass fed products.

List of eCommerce platforms to sell and buy grass fed beef

  • Farmbrite
  • Graze cart
  • Barn 2 Door

Contact Southwest Grass fed Livestock Alliance

Here is how to contact the Southwest Grassfed Livestock Alliance. SWGLA can be located 1413 Second St Ste 1, Santa Fe, NM 87505. Visit Southwest Grass fed Livestock Alliance website HERE!

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