Learn Free Sustainable Global Food Chain Systems Course In 5 Weeks

Thinking about food chain systems and how they can sustain the ever-increasing human population, currently, we are confronted with one of the world’s most pressing issues: how to feed a growing population without depleting global resources.

From the environmental impact of food production to the public health impacts of current and future diets, this course covers food security from a food chain systems approach and shows the key global concerns present.

We investigate how food systems and non-food policies, such as climate change and biodiversity conservation, interact.

What You Will Learn

  1. You’ll learn about some of the technologies that are used to collect data on these topics, such as:
  • Big data
  • Modeling
  • Behavior change models

2. Learn how technologies like certification, modeling, and big data may help you comprehend these issues.

3. Recognize the most pressing global food-related issues.

Topics To Learn
Introduction to Food Systems
Food Production Challenges
Food Consumption Challenges
Impacts of Global Food Systems
The Future of Global Food Systems



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