Top 10 Famous Poultry Farms In Ghana

Leading poultry farms in Ghana you can find in your locality. Poultry farms in Ghana with their contact details and website can be found in this post with the services they provide.

This List Includes Poultry businesses You Can Find Near You

  • List of Poultry Farms in Ghana
    • Akate Farms & Trading Company Ltd
    • Darko Farms
    • K&F Poultry Farm
    • Boris B’s Farms & Veterinary Supplies Ghana Ltd Company
    • Holland Akokor co. Ltd
    • BK FARMS
    • Dormaa Poultry Farmers Association
    • Akro Farms

Find Contact Details

FarmLocationPhone NumberWebsite
Akate FarmsDote Junction, Kumasi032 207 1246Akate Farms
Darko FarmsAkropong032 209 8425Darko
K&F Poultry FarmKotei Robertson St, Accra024 440 5672n/a
Boris B’s FarmsBantama High St, Kumasi024 435 5050Boris B’s
Holland AkokorAsuofua Nketia off Barekese rd Nketia024 453 9744Holland Akokor
BK FARMSHaatso055 713 6239n/a
HONEX FARMS8th Queensland Rd #3, Sakumono054 666 4009n/a
Dormaa Poultry68, Dormaa Ahenkro020 175 1553n/a
Akro FarmsN4, Accra024 440 3090Akro
AGROGENICSTetrefu Rd, Kumasi024 345 0759n/a

Akate Farms

Akate Farms is one of the top farms in Ghana known for day-old-chicks supply, broilers, turkey, eggs supply, and feed milling service. They provide good service and match up to standards of poultry ethics. Akate Farms provide healthy day-old-chicks you can buy to start your poultry farm business. Akate Farm has been noted for its biggest farm and innovation in the poultry industry in Ghana.

Darko Farms

Darko farms have been known and cherished for poultry service in Ghana. They are all around in the poultry industry. They deal in day-old-chicks supply in West Africa, broiler chicken, cockerels, and much more poultry services they provide. Who is the best poultry farmer in Ghana? Darko Farms is owned by Mr. Kwabena Darko and he is the richest poultry farmer with many years of experience in the poultry farm business.

Boris B’s Farms

Boris B’s Farm is a promising and fastest-growing poultry farm in Ghana. Boris B is known for the major poultry products production like broilers, layers, and eggs production. Boris B Farm is known for veterinary service and hatchery service in the hatching and supply of day-old chicks.

Holland Akokor

Holland Akokor deals in the importation of day-old chicks from reputable companies and distributes them to poultry farmers in Ghana. They supply a wide variety of poultry breeds of layers and broilers.

Dormaa Poultry Farmers Association

You may be wondering why I listed Dormaa Poultry Farmers Association. Here is the gist, they are known for their good services in the poultry industry in the Dormaa municipality in the Bono region of Ghana. They offer veterinary services and also supply almost every medication you need for your poultry farm business.

Basically, all the poultry farmers have something in common and are all thriving hard to build the poultry industry in Ghana. The broiler production serves as the cheapest source of protein and not forgetting the eggs as well. In addition, these top poultry farms have employed a huge number of graduates to work it, this, however, shows their contribution to the economic development in Ghana.

The Agriculture sector in Ghana needs more than this. The future is still bright as a lot of vibrant agriculturists are popping up in the country and engaging actively in Agriculture, especially the poultry farming business.


These are the top 10 leading poultry farms that can be found in Ghana. There are a lot like Linnovac and some poultry farms not yet discovered and we hope to see them put much effort into the building of the poultry industry in Ghana.

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