Top 50 Best Poultry Farms In Africa

Talking about poultry farms in Africa, the poultry industries are doing amazingly great and we have some poultry farms in Africa making the A-game when it comes to poultry farming.

Poultry farming in Africa

The demand for poultry meat and eggs in Africa has attracted a lot of foreign investors down to the continent to set up new poultry farm businesses in Africa. Existing African poultry farms are also receiving phase elevation to meet demands for poultry consumption.

How much chicken does Africa import?

African poultry imports have been centered in South Africa. South Africa imported 460,000 tons of poultry and exported almost 52000 tons in the year 2020, according to the Bureau for Food and Agricultural Policy. Poultry farms in Africa can be seen to be dominated by South Africa.

Which country is best for poultry farming?

So far, South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, and Ghana are the four top poultry producers in Africa. Despite all the challenges, these countries thrive to stay up in the game. There is more to African poultry, despite the efforts and money being invested into poultry farms in Africa, the majority of poultry products are still imported into the countries daily due to the inability of poultry farmers in Africa to meet the demand for poultry products in Africa.

poultry farms in Africa

List of Poultry Farms In Africa and their Contact details

Yieldingtree FeedsZambia021 122 0020/021 122 0055
York (PTY) LtdBotswana260 1559
Medina ChickensBotswana390 9245
Hy-line South Africa
(PTY) Ltd
South Africa011 318 2355
Central Poultry 2000 LtdMalawi72 6818/72 7594
Nelson Ja Santos FortunatoAngola38 0089
Tinkhukhu (Swazi) LtdSwaziland2528 3119/2528 3753
Oistins (PTY) LtdBotswana248 4838/248 4274
Big B ChickensSouth Africa018 294 8041
Juliana Poultry FarmZimbabwe0928 9416
Apongbon Poultry FarmLagos, Nigeria+234 905 469 3279
Obasanjo Farms Nigeria LimitedNigeria+234 812 990 1074
Erikorodo Poultry EstateNigeria+234 802 764 7165
Sege farms Nigeria LimitedNigeria+234 813 298 0258
Oge Poultry FarmNigeria+234 806 363 3570
Remma FarmsGhana+233 24 402 2727
Akate Farms & Trading Company LtdGhana+233 32 207 1246
Genesis FarmsGhanan/a
Darko FarmsGhana+233 26 000 0000
Diana’s Poultry FarmGhana+233 24 388 7656
Spc Agrocam Breder FarmCameroonn/a
R and D poultry farmCameroon+237 6 71 49 26 41
RadeomCameroon+237 6 96 44 72 25
Khoza Poultry Farm Enterprise (pty) ltdSouth Africa+27 65 935 8162
Indlovu Poultry FarmSouth Africa+27 60 985 4634
Eikenhof Poultry FarmSouth Africa+27 21 975 0150
Cairo 3A Poultry – Broiler FarmsEgyptn/a
El Wafaa FarmEgypt+20 2 38172547
Egyptian Poultry CompanyEgyptn/a
HOMERANGE POULTRYKenya+254 727 200116
Jenico Poultry FarmKenya+254 720 144457
Nemity Poultry LtdKenya+254 710 959864
SIPRACôte d’Ivoire +225 23530053
FOANICôte d’Ivoire+225 05969625
Investir dans l’élevageCôte d’Ivoire+225 07 07 67 6926
Agricare LimitedGhana+233 32 205 0759
Firew Tsigereda Chicken FarmEthiopia+251 91 371 2765
Hawassa Poultry FarmEthiopia+251 91 267 4927
Besol chicken farm PlcEthiopian/a
A&S Poultry FarmsThe Gambia+220 390 5658
ML’s Poultry FarmThe Gambia+220 393 0249
Kusata Poultry FarmThe Gambia+220 364 2989
Talleh Agricultural Poultry FarmSierra Leone+232 88 696055
Bigthings Poultry FarmSierra Leone+232 78 882777
Poulayer GawaneSenegal+221 77 208 04 16
AngolavesAngola +244 222 381 355
Craigmore Poultry FarmSouth Africa+27 21 988 4055
Beckley Brothers Poultry FarmSouth Africa+27 43 737 4408
Hybrid Poultry FarmZambia+260 211 282 734

Hope this list covered your local poultry farms in Africa. If not, we still have more room for improvement on African Poultry.

These are the top fifty poultry farms in Africa listed in these articles based on stars ranking, audience views, and credibility of the services these poultry farms provide. There are so many poultry farms in Africa, that we can’t name them all but you can leave a good review of your poultry farm in the comment section to help the poultry farm get noticed.

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