Top 6 Best Hatcheries in Ghana:

Looking for hatcheries in Ghana to stock your poultry farm with quality day-old chicks, we have the ultimate list you can choose from.

List of Hatcheries in Ghana

Olympio hatcheryKNUST, Kumasi0596027132
Aviflora LimitedShai Hills0273225280
Agro-Age Hatchery LtdAwutu Senya
Central Region
Blackman HatcheryNsawam0274222984
WAPTECH HatcheryKumasi0551888436

How to select a good hatchery if you are breeder farmer

Breeder farmers fall in the category of fertile eggs producers. They produce eggs that can into day-old chicks. They do not hold large stock, especially in Ghana. The stocking capacity on breeder farms starts from a minimum of 200. Due to the low consumption of day-old chicks from local breeders, farmers are advised not to go into large scale breeder farm production.

To obtain a good results from any hatchery

  • Check the hatchabilty of the hatchery from their database upon request.
  • Good incubator turning frequency. You should ask this question.
  • Standby electricity support. In Africa, we don’t have stable electricity supply, so, you have make an enquiry about electricity contigency plan.
  • Availabilty of cold room storage.
hatcheries in ghana

About Olympio Hatchery

Olympio hatchery is located in Kumasi, Animal Science department opposite Pizzaman on the Mango Road. Olympio hatchery tops the hatcheries in Ghana. Olympio hatchery runs research and helps breeder farmers on issues of poor hatchability in day-old chicks production.

If you have issues with poor hatchability as a breeder or an existing hatchery company you fall on Olympio hatchery for the needed support.

About WAPTECH Hatchery

Aside from hatchery management and production, this company also manufactures incubators and servicing hatchery machines.


  • The hatcheries contribute only 30% to hatchability success of day-old chicks, if you are breeder farmer take not of these
    1. Don’t leave your fertile eggs on the farms. Store in cold rooms of temperature about 16 degrees celcius.
    2. Feed your birds early in the morinings.
    3. Ensure quality feeds are supplied to the birds with adequate water.


These are the hatcheries in Ghana actively in production. For any suggestions, leave a comment below. If you like this share.

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