8 Popular Types Of Salmon In Alaska - June 2023

8 Popular Types of Salmon in Alaska

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Salmon is hardly an unusual cuisine; its trademark pink flesh can be seen in grocery shops around the country, lighting up the seafood department. Dating back to history, salmon has a wide range of consumers in the United States than in any other country according to Salmon Overview consumption in the U.S.

Salmon is the common name for numerous ray-finned fish species in the Salmonidae family. Trout, char, and grayling are all members of the same family. While in the water, salmon have silvery sides, but during the mating season, their pigmentation changes, which differs from species to species.

Salmon is normally heavy in fat, resulting in a rich, fatty flavor; nevertheless, the taste of salmon varies depending on species, how and where it was grown or farmed, and the time of year it was caught. Below is a table with the types of salmon and their origins.

Types of Salmon and how to cook

No.Types of salmon
1Atlantic Salmon
2Chum salmon
3Chinook salmon
4Coho salmon
5Danube salmon
6Sockeye salmon
7Pink salmon
8Masu salmon
Types of Salmon and How To Cook

Atlantic Salmon

types of Salmon and How To Cook
Photo by Valeria Boltneva: Atlantic Salmon

As one might expect from the name, the Atlantic salmon is the only salmon found in the Atlantic. It also has the distinguished title “King of Fish.” This salmon type, which lives in the chilly seas of upper North America and western Europe, averages 10 pounds. Due to their protected status, wild-caught Atlantic salmon are not available; only farmed Atlantic salmon may be lawfully obtained.

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Chum salmon

Chum is a meaty and tasty salmon kind that is one of the lesser-known salmon species. While the term may be offensive, it has nothing to do with fish bait – chum is a loosely translated reference to the characteristic patterns on the body of the fish. Chum fillets are low in fat, high in micronutrients, and have a mild flavor. Chum salmon is for individuals who want a milder fish flavor and believes it goes well with curries and chowders.

Chinook salmon

Chinook salmon is a spectacular sight and impossible to miss. For good cause, it’s also known as king salmon, the biggest Pacific salmon kind. Each fish averages roughly 30 pounds and 3 feet in length, however, some can get considerably larger.

Coho salmon

Coho salmon are also known as silver salmon because of their color and have a softer, more flavor than most other types, as well as a firm texture that lends itself nicely to a wide range of cooking ways. Coho salmon is very popular in the United States and widely consumed in most homes. Coho salmon is commonly served on seafood menus in the United States.

Sockeye salmon

Sockeye is one of the most abundant salmon species in North America. Sockeye salmon is the firmest, reddest, and most delicious in the Pacific. Sockeye salmon is particularly fatty, making it an especially full dinner. Sockeye’s robust and pungent flavor lends itself perfectly to basic cooking methods that don’t overpower its natural taste and texture. Read also; how to start a catfish farm at home.

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