how do you become a successful poultry farmer? here are some tips to help you grow your poultry business.

COOL WATER IN ABUNDANCE always ensure that birds have clean and cool water. you don't need drinkers installed, just be sure the birds do not run out of water.

Feeding early mornings  Feeding your chickens early in the morning gives them the energy to boost production.Click on link below to learn more.....

Feeding the right quantity  the birds should be given the required quantity of feed, they should not be underfed or overfed.

Feeding the right type of feedthere are special feed given to birds based on the type of bird you are raising. the type of feed given should be aimed at the type of bird. click on link to learn more..

Provide supplementary diet One or more vital nutrients are added to chickens' supplemental diets in order to address a particular issue that may be developing or is currently exhibiting symptoms.

Picking dead chickens it is normal to see dead birds among large flocks in the morning. do well to pick them from the live birds to prevent the risk of infections to the other birds.

Disposal of dead chicken if you record continuous death among your chickens, the best thing to do is to contact your local vet for post mortem test. click on link below to learn more

Poultry biosecurity Maintaining poultry biosecurity on the farm helps stop the spread of  diseases that could infect the birds from the outside the pen. click on link below to learn more

Poultry management managing of a poultry farm requires skilled and experienced labor. never hire just anyone to manage your poultry farm.

Avoid dirty environment keeping your farm clean helps keep your birds healthier and make the farm pathogen free. click on the link below to learn more.

Isolation of birds Birds with injuries and those with paralyzed legs should be taken away from the major flock and segregated. click on the link below to learn more.

Avoid overstocking There should be a specific number of birds for every floor space size. do not go over the required number of birds. click on the link below to learn more.