What Are The Symptoms of Tar Spot in Corn?

What is tar spot in corn?

Tar spot disease in corn was discovered first in Michigan in 2016 caused by Phyllachora maydis. With the formation of black spots, the fungus causative agent produces spores within the stroma. The severity of the disease can be high and can have a great impact on crop yield.

What Are The Symptoms of Tar Spot in Corn?

You must first be aware of typical tar spot symptoms before you can take any action that you could consider to be an infection. Tar spot is different from other infections, but it is most frequently confused with insect frass and corn rust infections. The symptoms of tar spots are listed below.

How do I identify tar spot?

  • Hard lesions
  • 1/16 to 0.75 inches in diameter raised spots
  • Formation of lesions on the upper side
  • Rust spot forms in the leaf

What is the difference between tar spot and insect frass/rust spores?

Tar spots may resemble insect frass and rust spores in appearance, but the difference between the two is that although insect frass and rust will wipe off when moisture falls on the leaf surface, tar spots won’t since they form within the stroma.

Source: Poultryabc.com

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