Top 2 YouTube Poultry Channels You Must Watch

The YouTube community keeps growing as a result of the creative content people put out there in videos. Poultry lovers are not left out of the context and it’s inspiring to watch these guys put in all their effort to make poultry farming exciting.

Best YouTube channels to follow for your poultry success

One thing you should know is no one is perfect and you can’t have all the ideas in this world. Searching the internet for information remains the order of the day. Information is key and it’s amazing the exposure they give.

What do they do in their Youtube tutorials?

Success is not a one-night thing, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. It’s amazing how they started from nothing to the great achievements they have now in the poultry business.

Starting a poultry business comes with a lot of challenges like financial constraints, land acquisitions, and sometimes general support and care in petty things from family and friends can take you off the bar in achieving your poultry business. Motivations from like-minded people can take you far in life.

Poultry Hacks

These are mostly things you probably never had the opportunity to learn in your training. Knowledge from experience is a success factor. Your experience might cost you the last of your savings in the poultry business and last, giving up. So, yeah, learn from the best sources to make things better and your poultry business a success.

Forums like backyard chickens create the avenue to explore the world of poultry from different perspectives, whiles others prefer to read, videos will be expected much for other sets of people who believe in watch and do and these are all great ways to learn, hence sharing these YouTube resource will help.

Feeding Techniques

One common mistake among poultry farmers is in our feeding of birds. In most of the youtube videos, they experiment with various feeding regimes, quantity, and quality checks all done to illustrate your dos and don’ts.

Brooding Techniques

It is normal to have mortalities during brooding. No one can assure a one hundred percent brooding without mortalities. Should there be excess mortalities then, something could be wrong somewhere and needs to be checked. These YouTube channels provide great videos to assist in major and minor tasks.

Medication Practice 

In most of their tutorials, they recommend the best poultry medication you can administer to your birds depending on your location. It’s scary sometimes to face a situation and not have the right support.

YouTube Videos

I listed these channels based on their consistency in the tutorials they make but that does not mean your favorite channel is not the best. You can leave their channel links in the comment section.

#1. Farm Up

Farm up is owned and run by Dr. Daniel Masaba from Uganda, a medical doctor with a deep passion for farming. He started a commercial poultry farm from scratch on a low budget and almost no support from other farmers but he made it. Currently, it’s more than just chickens. It’s cattle, goats, sheep, geese, guinea fowls, bees, and he loves farm life.

Most viewed youtube video


DIY Agric is from Nigeria. He is a passionate Animal scientist and organic poultry expert. He does magic with what he does best. He is into more organic poultry production so if you want to go purely into organic poultry production then he is the best channel to fall on.

Here are the YouTube channels I can recommend for now while I review the others. These guys are consistent with what they do to keep you going from their regular updates. It’s good to learn from the best and never limit your scope of knowledge.

Tips in watching they YouTube channels

One problem with following video tutorials or any educational tutorials, in general, is what we call “tutorial hell”. Here is the case every piece of video you find on the channel is of interest to you, however, you might end up not fully watching or applying the knowledge from watching them.

How do you escape tutorial hell?

Depending on the YouTube video duration, a lengthy video should be watched in parts. Most content creators state their time-lapse with topics you can easily skip to without wasting much time.

What is the right way to learn tutorials? From these recommended channels, if you are an absolute beginner, you will probably have to find the beginners tutorials to watch.
  • Practice what you watch. That way, the new knowledge becomes a part of. Find a way you can infuse it into your daily poultry practice.
  • Take notes; this may look weird but you should know watching an educational tutorial from a  YouTube channel is more like sitting at a workshop, a conference, or lecture hall.
  • Break the lessons down, try to understand them in your own way before taking the action.
  • Create an experimental field. An example is when you try a new practice on your farm like feed trials, so do not use your entire flock due to unforeseen circumstance
  • Access the results by monitoring the experimental work.

Cautions in watching the tutorials

  • Do not be in the haste to absorb everything they put out there. It might not work for you as you may have watched in the tutorials.
  • When it comes to responding to questions through their email I will give each a five (5) they are very active. Utilize the resource well by asking the needed questions in case of doubts.

Consistency in poultry management practice

Daily routine in the poultry is a habit-building or development for the birds. For instance, If you feed the birds very early in the morning, keep to that feeding regime. A change in feeding time might cause problems. May a day or second-time repeat may not show any adverse effect but as time moves on, things might change.

In conclusion, these recommended YouTube channels stated above have inspired a lot of startups, the hope to know at least you can start very small and grow. Biosecurity awareness is taking the waves in most poultry farms, hence, making it difficult for farmers to open their gates for a tour. Here we are in the modern world of technology. Have fun and thank you for reading.

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